Hi, I'm Kirsten. I am a designer living in the Seattle area. I'm currently the art director at Premier Media Group, publisher of 425 magazineSouth Sound magazine, and 425 Business magazine. Besides making magazines, here are some of the other things I enjoy.

  • Drawing (a lot of my work is illustration-based)
  • Letterpress (I discovered it at the fantastic School of Visual Concepts in Seattle)
  • Music (I've played the violin and piano since I was very young, and plan to still be playing when I'm very old)
  • Printmaking (next project: screen printing)
  • Reading (all-time favorites: Margaret Atwood and Jonathan Ames)
  • Style (I'm addicted to street style blogs)
  • Traveling (favorite place in the world: Havana, Cuba)

You can contact me here.